Void New World – Oversaturated

Void New World - Oversaturated

Long Island, New York-based Void New World (VNW) is the solo brainchild of composer/musician/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Douglas Bruno, who brews up a cauldron of dystopian post-Industrial soundscapes interspersed with dark ambient textures on the 13-track instrumental release, Oversaturated.

Before the Void New World name was brought to bear, the project, originally called Deco, garnered praise from web site AudioSparx, who lauded Deco/Bruno in both their “Hot New Artist” and “Permanently Featured Artist” categories. However, as the venture began to morph into its present state, Bruno saw fit a re-branding to the more apropos VNW moniker.

While the Nine Inch Nails affect is apparent (particularly “Private World Of Darkness” and “Rhythm Of Life”) it is not overly derivative album-wide to the point of being inauthentic. Conversely, Oversaturated takes the listener on an auditory odyssey across a broad stylistic spectrum that would be difficult to pigeonhole to any one genre.

The track “Dread” straddles the line between dark and danceable whereas “Mayday” gets grimy; the cascading piano of “Borrowed Time,” juxtaposed to some fiendishly clever wobble then back again, makes for an ethereal contrasting volley.

“Shadows Of A Fantasy,” has a Moby-esque feel to it, keenly wrapped up in some tasty percussive accents. The “Don’t You Wish” – “Don’t You Dream” couplet swings from down-tempo cacophony to blistering crescendo. “Nocturne I” showcases Bruno’s penchant for thoughtful composition and the title track tastefully dovetails the effort.

Under consideration are live dates in support of the release, contingent upon the logistics necessary to strike an artistic balance between live musicians and backing tracks.

Much like the latter years’ output of chief influence Trent Reznor, the VNW braintrust aspires to make inroads into cinematic composition–a strong argument for such endeavors can be made merely by presenting Oversaturated to potential suitors. Taking a pragmatic approach, the composer remains on the look out for smaller independent films with which to get a foot in the door of a hyper-competitive market.

Currently, the busy Bruno is working on an experimental piano album–a vocal EP dealing with themes of loss and regret which he indicates might turn into a full length album–and projects with other artists that include collaborations involving a rapper and a female vocalist. Stay tuned.

-Scott Dough

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