CBMMKB – Homeostasis

CBMMKB - Homeostasis

CBMMKB is comprised of Chris Muir and Mikko Biffle, who apparently got married—in hell—to team up for the 4 track EP, Homeostasis.

Mikko Biffle, a player early on in the guitar live-looping community, has played with many bay area performers as well as being a founding member of the Chain Tape Collective with 42 compilations and counting, uniting the live-looping community worldwide. http://www.ct-collective.com. He also handled both mixing and mastering.

Chris Muir has been involved deeply in music technology, working with Don Buchla and Thomas Dolby, among many others, as well as performing and recording with artists such as Wadada Leo Smith, Henry Kaiser and more.

Both are ongoing members of The Lunar Asylum improv collective and have been cranking out musical nightmares since the mid ’70’s!

Recorded at Eardrill Studios in Alameda, CA during May of 2017, this sometimes cacophonous offering of LSD Blues guitar fused with experimental soundscapes from the duo of self-professed West Coast lunar space music mutants isn’t for everyone. But having it on in the background of whatever household chores you might have—cleaning your apartment, gutting wild animals caught in your yard, cooking meth—could be a fine use of this experiment.

The core of the lead track, “Anabolic,” meanders a bit, playing off of Blues-inspired riffing before flooding the ear canal with some meaty guitar wizardry (think Robert Fripp meets Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead ‘Space’ experimental type noodling.)

“Exothermic” ventures into a hypnotically similar territory, only more fiendish and sinister.

The marathon 40:47 “Coenzyme” brings you back from the brink with cleaner, less gnarly tones than the opening two tracks, with a crazy carnival intro—well, for a little while anyway, then it’s back to the meat grinder with more Frippertronic tendencies and glitch-infested movements.

“Catabolic” mercifully rounds out the EP with layers of ethereal textures poured over the top of clean arpeggios, bringing you back in from the ledge of insanity, from where you almost jumped.

The sounds on Homeostasis were recorded at Eardrill Studios, Alameda, CA. during May 2017. Hit them up on Bandcamp: https://grimley-music.bandcamp.com/album/homeostasis

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