Richard Pinhas & Barry Cleveland – Mu


Guitarists Barry Cleveland Richard Pinhas have released their new EP on Cuneiform Records. The duo brought in bass virtuoso Michael Manring and drummer/percussionist Celso Alberti to complete the 4-track collection which was recorded, mixed and produced by Barry Cleveland. 

  The album starts out with “Forgotten Man”, a middle-eastern inspired piece showcasing the immense talents of Cleveland and Pinhas with a myriad of effects including bowed, sitar and EBowed guitars. “I Wish I Could Talk In Technicolor” is a 25-minute cerebral journey which builds upon Manring’s sporadic bass line and gradually morphs into a mind-altering funk jam. Celso Alberti’s drum and percussion talents really shine while adding tasteful embellishments to the track. The album ends with “Parting Waves”, an ethereal piece with Pinhas and Cleveland playing beautiful guitar harmonics and metatronics.

  If you’re a fan of ambient, spaced-out guitar effects and progressive sounding improvised jams, you’re definitely going to want to add Mu to you playlist.

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