Suboculis – Incursus


The new electronic based EP from Suboculis is the first solo project by bassist, Dan Menapace. The tracks blend electronic and acoustic instruments saturated with dark rhythmic noise which creates a sound that’s beautiful yet grotesque. 

Menapace’s main instrument is the bass guitar, which provides the foundation for many tracks on the album. The eight track infirmus EP opens with “Causality” which builds around a hypnotic, repeating bass line and peaks with a wahed-out guitar solo.

“Incursus” begins with a flurry of chaotic, panned ride cymbals and a dirty fretless bass creating multiple tension and release moods throughout the track. “Phobophobia” combines middle eastern sounds with fretless bass and a haunting bridge vocal sample “Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence?”.Reset Node” provides a steady flow of industrial, dystopian-type intensity while the album closes out with “The Sludge Chronicles” which features Menapace’s spoken words talking about the toxic waste catastrophe which happened in the 1950’s off the coast of San Francisco.

  Dan Menapace takes care of all the musical duties including guitars, bass, synths and drum programming. Various influences can be heard throughout including Brian Eno, Trent Reznor, Chris Vrenna aka Tweaker and Mac Quayle. Available now on Bandcamp and CDBaby

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